Recently I met Gregorio Cayetano, a young Mexican designer with a lot of potential and talent that for the first time will be presented in MBFWMx with Colectivo Diseño Mexicano.
I was able to talk a with him about who he is, his brand, what he feels about presenting in the most important fashion platform in the country and his future plans.

GCF2GCF1Mô: How do you define yourself?
GC: As a dreamy person, a little romantic, and this can be seen in my work.
I always try to give women their place and fight for what I believe, although I must say that I tend to be a bit strong headed with an idea but over the time I realize how things should be so it is easier for me to adapt to changes to get to the best result.

Mô: How did you start in fashion?
GC: Fashion has always been a part of me since I was a child I saw my mother, my aunts and my grandmother sent to make their own clothes, I also watched since the measures were taken until the choice of fabrics. I was always involved in the creative process and that started to be part of my bases making me more involved in fashion world.
In the other hand, I used to buy fashion magazines at the age of 14 or 15 and that got me into the fashion photography a lot. In fact, I wanted to be a photographer o an editor and that´s why I studied graphic design in Monterrey and being there I realized that everything was involved with fashion, so I decided to create the brand.

Mô: What inspires you?
GC: Generally people and what they use. When I’m out on the street and I see something that catches my attention I tend to take pictures, but sometimes people stare at me like a strange hahaha.
Most of the times the quality of fabrics, the print, or the color are what make me fall in love with what people wear, as well as the art of painting, as a child I used to paint a lot, and the color of Mexico, which for me is a country with a wide range of tones, like for example, San Miguel de Allende.

GCF3Mô: Who are your muses?
GC: In general, women around me, but I can say that Kylie Minogue, Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker, who I really love.

Mô: The woman who wears your clothes is…
GC: Romantic, with an artistic sense, self-confident. My designs are to empower them without needing a very masculine loo but highlighting the feminity and contrasts they have, like their strong and romantic personality.

GCF4GCF5Mô: What inspires you when creating this collection?
GC: The codes and values that over the years I’ve been discovering the brand has.
Girl power and rock music, which is a continuation of the last collection’s with glamorous style, also the androgeny, so I’ll also be presenting 3 looks for men.

Mô: Continuing with the androgyny topic, do you think it is a trend or a change in fashion?
GC: Androgyny has always existed, also artists have taken it to the top and have achieved much success, like David Bowie, Mick Jagger and other rock bands.
Maybe nowadays is being given more attention by social movements that have returned such as feminism, gender equality and brands have seen a chance to catch some attention of it.
In my case, I try to implement these movements with my DNA.

Mô: How do you feel about presenting for the first time in the MBFWMx?
GC: I introduce myself with the Colectivo Diseño Mexicano, which is made up of 4 designers.
The truth is that I’m extremely happy because it has been a very cool experience, knowing them has been incredible and we have made a good team.
We are all starting; with the exception of Guillermo, so it’s like we are “playing” but demonstrating that we can be professionals and that our brands are about to take the next step, this is why the Collective has many expectations.
And, I want to demonstrate what the brand is made of and tho reach more people.


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