Mexico City, Mexico

Mexican architect and designer who currently resides in Paris, with a bold urban style, combines in a unique way textures and silhouettes inviting us to express our personality and individuality, redefining contemporary fashion.

In Paris as well as being in charge of his brand he founded [Ay] A Studio which is a space for research and testing of materials for architecture reflecting this in every garment he made with prints that are the result of the latest digital tools, always having part of his Mexican roots and that craft part. With avant-garde proposals uses different materials like plasticized silk, velvet, tattooed leather and other textiles that allow this game of forms in each pattern. He designs objects, architectural spaces, footwear and accessories which has led him to collaborate with major brands like Swarovski, Louis Vuitton and United Nude in different aspects. He also has a line of furniture, carpets and lighting with an innovative design called Art of living constantly oscillating between design, art object and contemporary works of art. In 2014 he won best professional photography in the festival ASVOFF Mexico with the short film Stalking Architecture, which was of its last collection. Currently in Mexico you can find the brand in Cañamiel and soon at Saks Fifth Avenue.

In this return to his country presented an impressive collection, “Basket of Flowers”, full of color and movement which he describes as global. Each piece is made with fabrics that characterize him as each one is stamped with a design that’s done entirely by him, from taking photography to digitally intervene it and then add all the details of paint that are by hand, each piece is unique and it takes more than 30 hours, that’s why he categorizes as Artesanale. Within these prints embodies a return to the life of flowers with pixelated parts.

He used pleats on the sides of the dresses in metallic shades that are simply beautiful, on the runway the models wore beneath them a plastic pellet to reflect the sense of a work of art because it is like you’re wrapping and carrying a picture, also use helmets in colorful beads made by the Huichol.

My favorite pieces, the bomber jackets and is that I just love every detail, applications, hand painting, prints, I want them all! It also included vintage pieces intervened, loved the jeans which have fringe details and a song in French painted with his calligraphy, leading to the concept that can come back to life. This was the first time that the footwear was also intervened by him being the perfect complement for each of the looks. Every detail told us a story perfectly and teach us his social and fashion point of view. 

In addition to being excellent as a designer and architect talking with him I realized he is someone simple, friendly, charming with whom you could spend hours talking about a thousand things, it was really interesting what he told me about his collection and his point of view about fashion and told me that the main thing is to inspire designers to take more risks and make the fashion industry continue growing increasingly making Mexico a more important platform in the world. 

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